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Why Partner with Styledge?

Styledge is known for its competitive yet affordable E-commerce solutions and you get to experience personalized services. You can also leverage upon our platform, brand name and customer base to increase visibility of your services. Styledge has drafted its Partnership Programs to build stronger relationships with those in this industry.

Here is a brief about the 4 partnership programs offered by Styledge Technologies

Private Label PartnershipFor those who have a skilled sales team but not the expertise to provide E-commerce solutions

This program is best suited for those who have an established brand name and a competent sales team to generate leads, but do not wish to invest in a technical and management department. We can be your outsourcing partners and take care of delivering the final product and still stay anonymous. You set the quote and final price for the project and we become your extended team. All the client communication will be your responsibility. Billing and ownership of account will be in your name.

Franchise PartnershipUnder this program, you promote our brand name and services under your local domain

Team Styledge has built a strong and well acknowledge brand name in the E-commerce solutions industry since the past 2 years. Take forward this name to your local customers through franchise partnership program. Market and sell our services under the brand name Styledge and take advantage of our extensive portfolio and testimonials to build instant credibility.

Referral Partnership You send us a lead and if it converts, you get a share in the earnings

This program is suitable to those companies which have a strong professional network and wish to forward mature leads to Styledge. You might or might not be from the E-commerce industry to be our referral partner. All you need to do is provide us with references and we will take care of the rest; and you get a section of the profit earned from those clients.

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